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A lot of their wives don't like to do it, so I take over. You're a good friend! I started sucking cock later in life too.

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Now it my favorite type of sex. I'd rather suck a nice cock and get a big load than fuck my wife she'd not into it much. I wish Ever suck your friends cock had some buddies to suck off. Finding good cock to suck is the most difficult part! I think every guy has had a dream of sucking someone cock that they are friends with,and watching some guy with a huge cock fuck their wife or girlfriend in front of them I know I have If you're asking is it normal for the way in which it happened, I couldn't tell you.

If the question is, is it normal for two guys to suck each other's dicks, then I'd say yes. I'd urge you to keep this friend close by and encourage you to enjoy each other as often as you can. Friendships like Ever suck your friends cock come along only rarely.

I do this with a husband of a friend of my wife, We both enjoy it, some times i take it deep and get his cum down my thought and other times i take it all in my mouth i likeboth ways wonder if a lot of guys do something like this.

Very normal to suck another guy's cock. I'm married and suck another guy's cock a couple of times a week. I always swallow his cum. I got a lot of stories, during one summer I went to six flags with him and his younger sister and his mom and we stayed in a hotel his mom in one room and the 3 of us in another and his sister was sleeping in the bed across from us and I had pulled his dick out and starting sucking his dick, and he started to put his hand on my head to guide me along his thick dick as I sucked and started to push into my mouth fucking my throat alittle, and I remember hearing him moan slightly as I was deep throating him and then I felt the first blast of his cum hit my throat and he probably came 4 or 5 times really hard before he stopped.

Another time we were walking in the park here at night time and we stopped under a bridge to chill for a second and i pulled his dick out of his tripp pants he had on and he was already fully hard and I started Ever suck your friends cock him off didn't get as much cum that time but it still is a good memory. Another big booty college nerd I remember that was a shock to me was I was watching a wwe match with Mickie James and I was Ever suck your friends cock to start jerking off when he texted me to come over so I did and he came and picked me up cause his girlfriend was gone for the night, well after we got there I was sitting on a computer chair when he dropped to his knees and started sucking my dick I am about 8 inches long and a good 6 inches thick and he was rolling his tongue on the head of Ever suck your friends cock dick and I could feel the load I wanted to shoot earlier and I asked him if he wanted Adelgazar 10 kilos to cum and be keep sucking and gave me a shrug, as I got closer I held Dietas rapidas head and shot a thick load into his mouth and watched him swallow.

There are millions of stories of this and I still see him every day and it hasnt stopped for either of us. A few weeks ago, it happen again we were sitting on the couch in his living room Ever suck your friends cock his folks house and we were watching the movie "Bad Teacher" and it got to the Ever suck your friends cock where Cameron Diaz was doing the car wash and he had his pants unzipped and I could see his dick Ever suck your friends cock noticeably harder and I pulled his dick out and sucked on the head as he jerked off into my mouth, his cum has gotten a lot creamier since the last time.

That isn't working, do you have anything else other then a phone number I can contact you on? I wanna suck some cock. I'm straight. The first time I ever sucked dick was at my best friends house. We were playing xbox and we started talking about blowjobs. And one thing led to another and I ended up on my knees blowing him good. I haven't done it in quite a while I moved to arizona and Ever suck your friends cock found anybody to have fun with. I am very straight but I am curious to have a guy suck my cock, I have never been serviced by La buena dieta Ever suck your friends cock and have wondered what it be like.

Where do you live My friend and I did the whole, I'll do you, if you do me thing one time. I found I didnt like giving the blowjob and never did it again, but he was facinated with my junk and would jerk me off and blow me anytime we got together. Even years after we both married and had kids, when we had occassion to meet he would ask if he could suck my cock, and of course, I let him.

I now share his woman with him and they suck my cock together. Its a friendship that works for us and while others may not think its normal, the three of us do. Me and my best friend were hanging out at a mutual friends place outside one day Ever suck your friends cock my best friend and I start talking about blowjobs. After a bit he starts coaxing me to blow him and says if I do him first he'll do me. Well I thought I was wise to that trick and said no but if you do I Ever suck your friends cock.

So after going back and forth for some time he's wearing me down with the temptation of getting blown. So after agonizing about it I relent. Ever suck your friends cock alright i said I'll do it bit you better you me back!

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I will he said. So down into the friends basement we go. We stopped on the way and I said I didn't want anyone to witness it and so we agreed the other friend leave us. I was so anxious following behind my friend I had Ever suck your friends cock mixed emotions. I thought i would be gay of I did this. So I'm following him and we walk to secluded area where he turns to me and tells me to get on my knees, so while he's unzipping his fly and pulling out his cock I sink to my knees in front of him hands on my thighs nervously waiting.

He hooks his thumb in the waist band of his briefs pulling them down and bending down his stiff Ever suck your friends cock pointing it right at my mouth just inches away. Suck it he commands me. I just kneel there looking up at him and then Dietas faciles at his cock.

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Am I really going to do this I thought? Comon he says I'll do you next. So I'm kneeling there with all these thoughts and emotions going through my head that finally I just close my eyes and take him in my mouth and start sucking.

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Wow talk about a head rush! My whole body went hot and my heart was racing as I opened my Ever suck your friends cock to be staring into his open fly and his dick in my mouth! I tried to suck on it like you would suck a milkshake from a straw. Oh that feels so good he said.

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My eyes looked up at him looking down at me as he talked then back into his open fly. I could see his pubic area, his white briefs pulled down in a V shape to allow his cock and balls out and the shaft of his penis just inder my nose as it disappeared into my mouth.

His scent Ever suck your friends cock my nostrils as I tasted the flesh of his cock. My eyes kept looking up and down as I sucked.

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Oh that feels good he kept saying. How long you gonna do this he asked. I come off Ever suck your friends cock long enough to say as long as you want. Keep doing it then he tells me pointing his index finger at his erect penis.

Without hesitation I take him back in my mouth and continue sucking on him.

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I don't know why I said it but I did. It was like once he was in my mouth I just wanted to keep sucking on him. I was enjoying that feeling of submission.

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He asked me two more times how long I was going to do it and the reply was the same from my mouth as his penis went back in with him telling me to keep doing it. I sucked on him a good while. Finally it was his turn to do me but as you prolly guess he chickend out before taking me onto his mouth.

I felt so upset and betrayed and what's worse the other friend who was suppose to leave us Ever suck your friends cock spied and witnessed the whole thing telling friends Ever suck your friends cock ours the next day in school what went down.

I was so humiliated but this was not the end to this saga but merely the beginning. I need to call my straight buddy Could be experimentation. Could be Adelgazar 10 kilos secret revealed. Sometimes straight guys try these things out for size to find that they don't fit.

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Yet for some they do fit! My wife Ever suck your friends cock knew how to give a blowjob. My good friend started staying at our house to save a long commute to and back from work.

I kept waking up while acting like I was asleep while I had my knob licked around, the bottom of my shafyt licked then sucked to climax. I always master my wife through her first climax and she tried do do hea but was never sucessful. My wife got jeaalous because Ever suck your friends cock friend preferred my-- rather than what had to offer. I often wander what sucking co would be like.

I'm married but my married friend and I suck each other off as often as we can. It happened when we were in 11th standard. We used to play truth and dare.

One day me and my fried were bored Ever suck your friends cock decided to play t and d. Few minutes into the game we realised that we knew almost every experience of each other. Ao we decided to play 'dare game'. In this we could give any dareinvoving only two of us. Then he ordered me to massage his shoulders. We got a lesbian sex Home aroused by that and the classroom was huge enough for both of us to continue without getting caught on last desk.

I Ever suck your friends cock the best way Ever suck your friends cock ask would be to have a few drinks together and get him as horny as possible. Talk about having sex with girls, and how much you love getting blowjobs and seeing girls swallow your cum. Watch some hetero porn with him. When you're both horny, play with your cock and laugh about how horny you are when he sees you When he pulls his cock out and starts jacking off, dare him to suck your cock or make a half-joking offer to suck him off He jokingly shook his ass in front of me i said"yo get that away from me" i dont know why i said that because i actually liked it.

He had a body that i like. However, When i was 12 my bestfriend at that Ever suck your friends cock we used to give eachother blowjobs and I have a friend that I've known since we were in fifth grade. He has recently told me that he wants to suck my dick and has wanted to since we were in school. I've had a couple friends suck me off before Ever suck your friends cock knew him and I sucked them too. I was kind of reluctant as an adult, but I want him to suck my dick now.

He wants me to suck him too Adelgazar 15 kilos I will have to see how comfortable I am with that. He also said that he has a friend that would like to watch him suck my dick and might want to get involved too.

Make sure this beautiful boy knows that you love him for his heart and soul, first and foremost.

Ask Your Question today. You should watch a porn together. When is starts getting good, ask him if it's ok if you jerk off. If he says yeah, and doesnt mind you Ever suck your friends cock it out, then start to feel him out. Tell him it's ok too. If you can get him to do it too, then you can take it further. Mature woman hiker giving blowjob Your cock suck Ever friends.

As a heterosexual boy, I have first hand experience about how good it feels to let my wiener bust in a straight guys mouth. Just make sure you don't Ever suck your friends cock a friendship over it.

When he is ready to whip it out and rub one out in your Ever suck your friends cock he will. If he is ever ready. Don't flat out ask him though. Just start out by playing video games in your underwear with him. Then maybe move on to letting the top of your buttcrack hang out of your jeans one day, and see if he gets aroused in Ever suck your friends cock sort of way. Take a quick peek at a urinal one day, and see if he does the same. I caught my friend sneaking a peek at my junk in a urinal one day, and that emboldened me to try.

Do what I did. After also being turned down a few times Do women like to swallow semen my best mate when we were about 14 we had a sleepover and I made sure I was wearing low rider boxers.

When he was asleep and he was facing I "accidentally" Adelgazar 72 kilos over and positioned myself so he was spooning me. I started squeezing and grinding my butt against his ass and felt him get a boner. This carried on for a short while and I eased the back of my boxers down so it looked like his dry humping Ever suck your friends cock moved them down.

I kept this up for as long as I dared and felt a damp patch like we was pre-cumming. That was when I did the mock wake up in shock bit ensuring he woke up too and realised he had been spooning my Ever suck your friends cock so much it had moved my boxers down. He apologised and said he must have been dreaming about his girl so I laughed it off and made a point of well you Ever suck your friends cock my ass and got a wet boner I may as well give you a hand.

One thing led to another and he used to let me wank him off and give him blowjobs for a couple of years until we left school. He never returned the favour but tasting his creamy cum made it ok by me.

When I was 12 my bestfriend dared me to suck his dick and I did it Ever suck your friends cock I loved it so when ever I went over to his house I would Adelgazar 15 kilos him off for years. Ever suck your friends cock got a similar situation. Guy in my year so sexy, he is gay i think, word has it that he sucked of another lad in the pe department changing rooms.

After school too: Well, personally I would just say to him "You know since we're best friends? Could you keep a secret? Pretty much, go down that path and if he is homophobic, tell him that you want to watch some porno redtube or pornhub most recommended and turn on a lesbo video.

Once that is half way through, ask him does he want a drink or anything to eat. After that ask him " Do you Ever suck your friends cock I have a best friends that I go to camp with name Will Daniel and he was willing to let me suck on his cock last summer at camp but was afraid that we might get caught by our counselor but he told me the next time that we're at camp together that I can do it than. If your best friend is like mine he'll let you do it for when he's ready.

I have a friend he's 15 and he Is fucking hot, he Is really homophobic but I want to suck his dick sooo bad. We was In his house one night and I was drunk he was sober and started to make some passes at him, he was laying on his bed and I started to rub his back and he let Ever suck your friends cock for awhile then he told me to stop.

What can I do about this I think about him all day everyday He acts so shy around people and I think he has a GF but Is like a facebook GF so I don't think It's nothing serious because they never see each other and they never go out Well I felt this need a several time when I was a teenager.

I felt it when I used Ever suck your friends cock have fun or do crazy things with a guy I really like not specially a best friend. As we became teens, our interests changed from star wars and mortal kombat, to girls and getting laid. When his parents went on a trip, we decided to hang out over at his parents house all weekend. We both really looked foreward, to watching some of his dad's porn movies and stealing some of his parents beer. As we watched, we both kept telling each other, how much we wished we could do, what we saw.

We really wanted to fuck, after watching how much the men enjoyed penetrating the girls pussies and asses. Pat told me he really wished we had some girls in our friends circle, so we could just lose our virginity and not feel nervous. I agreed.

Suck cock friends Ever your

Pat then surprised me and said even though we weren't girls, we could still take each other's cherries. We I looked at him, I must have looked really shocked, he quickly said just kidding. After we finished the pizza, we got some freeze pops and started to watch another porno. I asked him if he thought the girls enjoyed Ever suck your friends cock dick or if it was just them pretending for the audience.

Again, Pat surprised me, when he stood up in front of me and held the popsicle in front of his crotch. He dared me to suck it so I could tell him what it was like. I guess I didn't want Ever suck your friends cock to accuse me of being chicken, I put the popsicle in my mouth and copied what the girls in the movie were doing.


He looked down at me and told Adelgazar 20 kilos it was too bad I wasn't gay, because I looked like I was good at sucking. That made me, think about what I looked like pretending to suck him, I Ever suck your friends cock and made a nervous laugh. At about one in the morning we decided to go to sleep.

Please keep descriptions of underage persons to a minimum You can use tags in the title. Please declare if the story is fiction. Reddit hates liars! Short stories, life updates are also welcome. Images and illustrations are allowed. Certain positions are very hard to describe, yeah? X-posting and linking to external sources is allowed. Do not include real names, addresses or other personal details.

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